We are collaborators, creators, and communications strategists.

About PNM

Precision New Media is a communications and creative firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Our services span several areas including communications and media relations, graphic design, branding, video production, and digital advertising. We have decades of combined experience working with a wide range of clients to help them define communications objectives, elevate their brand and advance their message.

We’re a company driven by a commitment to our clients and their goals. Through a comprehensive approach to messaging and branding, we provide our clients with thoughtful, effective communications strategies. PNM works hand-in-hand with clients to identify, track and achieve their specific objectives.

Our clients’ values are important to us, and we want to help you grow.


We’re people you can trust. We believe that our work can’t just be good enough to put our name on – it has to be good enough to put your name on it.


We’re the idea factory. By listening to your goals and understanding your values, we’ll come up with creative ideas to help you reach your audience.


Across all aspects of our business, we bring years of proven experience.

Political Work

While we work with a range of organizations including corporations and non-profit organizations, we have a particular expertise in working the political campaigns and advocacy groups.

PNM has vast experience in developing internal and external communications plans, building coalitions and engaging stakeholders, laying out a clear message and enforcing message discipline. With our creative team, we provide comprehensive creative services to campaigns – branding, graphic design, web development, targeted digital advertising. We’ve been doing this a while so we understand the tight deadlines, the cost conscious nature of political campaigns. Let our team help you forge a path to victory.