We bring a creative edge to communications and strategic messaging to our creative.



We have a long history of helping clients establish their message and stick to it. We understand the mind of the media and digital communications to help you maximize your reach and stay on message in your organization.

Web Development

We design WordPress sites with the end user and the client in mind. Most of our clients don’t want to be on the hook for a large monthly retainer for maintenance. We put a lot of emphasis on creating a website with a design that reflects your organization’s brand and is a useful, intuitive tool that is easy to update and maintain. Let us help you get there.

Digital Advertising

The power of digital advertising is delivering ads to the people you need to reach and only paying for that delivery when they see it. We create emotional engaging ads that cut through the clutter and microtarget the ads – whether to the voter file for campaigns or based on behaviors and interests.


PNM can conduct communications trainings on various topics including understanding the mind of the media, social media, and messaging. Let us know what you are interested in and we can help tailor a training session for your organization.


PNM will work with your organization to develop a brand that embodies the mission and message of your organization. This starts with listening and truly understanding your values as well as the communications challenges and opportunities that you face.

Graphic Design

Good design ensures the viewer can consume your information and gives credibility to your organization. We take care in every piece we design to create the look and feel that amplifies your message.

Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Infusing all of your communications with emotion is critical and video gives you the best opportunity to tell your story with emotion. We provide a 3-4 person crew for filming and work closely with clients to reach a quality product that sends the right message.

Other Services

While digital advertising remains a primary focus for many of our clients, we can produce and place any form of advertising frame cable television and radio to news print and billboards. We help clients design slide presentations and marketing materials of any kind. We can help promote one-off events and long-term awareness campaigns. Just ask us about your communications needs and chances are we can help you get it done.