California Affordable Housing Act // Website


PNM developed a website in support of the California Affordable Housing Act in 2018. There were two primary goals for the new site – capture the emotion of the people that were being most impacted by California’s housing crisis and create an effective tool that would help grow the campaign.

The ‘Yes on 10’ logo was already in place and had been used in signage and other grassroots activities so it was important to maintain the basic brand identity. We used the current logo and helped the campaign elevate and refine the brand in a way that amplified the energy and support for this issue.

It was critical demonstrate the grassroots energy behind the campaign. Endorsements had to be prominent on the site. It was also important to have fresh content updated on the home page with minimal effort from staff. We also integrated basic campaign tools such as email collection, volunteer sign up, and online donations. Our challenge was prioritizing this information and communicating it in a professional design that was infused with the emotion of those affected by this issue.